A Letter To Momo Review

Short Review:
So maybe I’m a fan of subs but damn without the voices this anime wouldn’t have been as good. Don’t get me wrong, the art was amazing, the characters were flawless and the plot was superb! Please tell me someone wrote a novel or manga on this. The only flaw what that it was kinda slow and at times just plain…plain! Awkward? Either way, I’d still strongly recommend it, especially if you’re into comics on the supernatural realm sorta stuff. Loved it!

After her father dies, Momo and her mother move to a remote Japanese island, away from Japan. Before leaving, Momo finds a letter from her father that is left unfinished. Upon arriving on the remote island, Momo gets the feeling she’s being followed until the light distortions reveal themselves as her guardians, sent by her father from the place where he must rest till he can move on. The film is hilarious, clever and just the right amount of everything. It’s a great kids film but better if you’re a teenager looking for a little fun. One of my favourites now!

Aired in Japan:
Age Rating: PG

You guys it’s the holiday and you know what that means? Time to watch a bunch of anime so if you have suggestions please do share. Unfortunately, my broadband is banning me from kissanime unless it’s after 9pm so I’m a little slow due to my new sleep schedule for exams. Currently watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hoping to make these every other day posts a little fun!

~Shadow x
P.S Hoping everyone’s having a good holiday ❤


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