Free! Review


Short Review:
I didn’t really expect to enjoy this anime as much as I did, but come to the end and it actually did have a story line and meaning aside from all the half naked teenage boys. In all honesty, the first thought that came into my head was “no wonder teenage girls love this” however, it was pretty good and yes, I do agree they’re pretty good looking characters. The plot was a little slow but good none the less, the end was not so much unexpected but more heart felt and made me wonder a lot about the next season. Nice one, I’d recommend it ^^

Free! is the story of 4 best friends (Haruka, Makoto, Rin + Nagisa) , who are part of Iwotobi Swim Club in what appears to be elementary/primary school. Rin splits from the group, causing conflicts. As every high school anime, club season is just around the corner. With permission to do up the pool, the 3 remaining ‘members’ go on the search for a fourth member along with their new ‘captain’, Gou, they eventually recruit Rei. Unfortunately, Rei is a little…special. AKA endless hours of laughing at him sinking over and over again. So that’s basically the whole plot (from memory) without giving away too much. Personally, I loved it and I can safely say I’m more of an action/sci-fi/dark sort of person.

Season one aired: 4 July 2013- 26 September 2013
Runtime: 24 min approx. per episode
Length: 12 episodes
Age Rating: PG-13

Season 2 (Free! Eternal Summer) has also ended, I’ll post the review as per chronological to what I’ve watched

~Shadow x


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