Welcome to Anime Club Online, sometimes you don’t have to be social and go out to find clubs. This website gives you the ability to be social or just read my terrible blog posts instead of entering awkward social situations. Yay! Terrible advertising I know.
Anyway, I’m Shadow and as of today, I’ll be your guide to the anime world!

There will be a review of a series every Sunday. Every other day or so there will be a random post this could include film reviews, comparisons, an overview of a collection or general rumours about upcoming animation! I will be posting what I am watching currently on this schedule alongside older reviews.

About me?
I’ve been watching anime since I was a kid due to my dad running a film club at his school, of course it began as an innocent love for Pokémon/Ghibli but soon spiralled into a dangerous obsession. Dangerous for my grades that is.
Yes, I am a soon-to-be college student, I’m English by the way.

My current favourites are:
Anime Series- Tokyo Ghoul, Death Parade, Free!
Anime Movies- Paprika, Howl’s moving castle, A letter to momo

I am aware I like mainstream new stuff but come on it is good. I kinda like everything I was though and yes that includes kiddy stuff!

That’s all for now folks!^~^


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