The problem with liking mainstream anime


The problem with liking mainstream anime… I’m sure a lot of us who are often called “weeabo” or “otaku” enjoy a lot of anime. We enjoy all kinds of anime and pride ourselves in loving the unknown. However, there comes a point when everyone enjoys a good old ‘mainstream’ anime. Whether it be a series such as Death Note, Naruto or One piece or the beloved films such as Spirited Away, Ponyo or Grave of the Fireflies. People often think watching something that is loved is a bad thing. Why? Because it means you’re a fake? In all honesty, these things are popular for a reason. Attack on Titan, for example, was a hit across the west because of being different to anything we’d seen before. Even if you’ve seen anime no ones ever heard of, for some reason liking something that is liked for a reason is a bad thing. In my opinion, they deserve recognition, but if the anime you enjoy is mainstream then go ahead and enjoy it. Sometimes it gets annoying when people say they’re “such an otaku” because they watched pokemon that one time but let me get this straight. An otaku is not just an anime fan. They are antisocial and often introverted, often a huge fangirl/boy of anime and other media. Often the fandom leads to the ‘no social life’ stereotype we see as Otaku’s. Because they are extremely asocial they spend their time obsessing over media etc but this is not confined to anime and manga. So, no social life? No love life? Filling these things with games, comics, anime and surfing the Internet in the comfort of your home? You are an otaku.


The problem comes when people take it too far and start getting hurtful. But there’s nothing wrong with a good old controversial meme right?


Maybe a little offensive… Subbed is better though 😉

~Shadow x


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