Kyoukai no Kanata Review

Short Review:
So I have this problem- every time I watch a new anime it becomes my new favourite. Gosh though, this was a beautiful anime. I am, however, annoyed at the way in playing with my emotions so much I thought I might have a mental breakdown. It almost reminded me a little of Tokyo ghoul, the main element being that the supposed protagonist is seemingly just half human. It was beautiful, each character conveying a deep past that some how linked with those of the others. I’m regretful that there may not be a season two, though there are so many unanswered questions that were left that there could be a prequel, I’m excited for the films though! Anyway, the art was beautiful, the plot was amazing, and just so many twists and turns it was stunning. Loved it! Recommended!

It begins with Akihito attempting to save Mirai from committing suicide. They’re classmates by the way. He, a half-youmu (magical demon type creature crossed with human) and she, a Spirit World Warrior, the last of her kind in fact. Upon his attempt, Mirai tries to stab Akihito, who just so happens to be immortal but still feels immense pain. Anyone who has supernatural ‘powers’ is able to see the youmu, said to be the ‘physical materialisation of human animosity such as negative emotions…’ Many are able to co-exist with humans but when upset, a Spirit World Warrior is sent to kill them- earning ore like substance that can be sold for profit. This is how the story progresses. Akihito trying to avoid stabbings and teaching Mirai to fight and then Mirai becoming scared and them both trying to slay ‘evil’ youmu. A great one, with a really good ending. If you’ll excuse me, I must now purchase some glasses. 😉

Aired: 2 October 2013– 18 December 2013
Runtime: 24 mins approx. each per episode
Length: 12 episodes
Age Rating: PG-13

~Shadow x


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