No Game No Life Review

nogame nolife
Short Review:
What a fascinating anime! Not only did it make me want to get back into games such as chess, it made me question life itself. Oh boy, I sound pathetic. Nonetheless, I envy the creators of this magnificent animé. To have a brain like that! The art was different but beautiful all the same, the plot was executed amazingly and the characters had so much depth compared to others! Definitely recommended. Now, to sleep. I stayed up till 5am for this anime. Fantastic! I’ll be expecting more, or so I hope…

Sora and Shiro are super close step-siblings. They also happen to be otakus. AKA introverts, who never leave the house nor their video games. They appear to be the best gamers in the world, so much so that people think they’re either hackers, computer programs and actually believe they’re a team of four people named ‘Blank’. One day they are challenged by Tet, to a game of chess, not knowing that he is the god of fun and games. Upon winning, they are teleported into a world where gamers rule and games decide fates. Shiro appears to be a wise, mature older brother but Sora knows better. Discovering the different races has intrigued Shiro, especially the land of animal girls who happen to be the most powerful, terrifying race. They split the crown and rule the land which they were teleported. However, the people of the land aren’t really used to how they rule. It’s genius, hilarious, feely and well thought out, you can’t not watch.

Aired: 9 April 2014– 25 June 2014
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 12 episodes
Age Rating: PG-13

~Shadow x


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