Knights of Sidonia Review

knights of sidonia
Short Review:
What an amazing anime. I saw so many reviews saying they hated the character designs but I personally loved them. They were unique and would make for a great game. The animation and scenery was quite literally, out of this world. I bow to the artists behind this masterpiece. The plot was executed fantastically and just everything came together so wonderfully…I definitely recommend it, even if you’re not into sci-fi!

If you’ve seen Gargantia on the verdurous planet then you’ll probably recognise the plot, nonetheless it’s still good and basically the opposite end! This time it’s based in space, the year is 3394 and mankind is fighting Gauna, giant shape-shifting aliens. Instead of a sea ship, it’s based on a space…ship. The ship is called Sidonia and is homed to a large amount of humans. Japanese culture seems to be the norm, as is human cloning, asexual reproduction, genetic engineering with humans and other and human photosynthesis. Sidonia holds over 500,000 passengers and has no knowledge of life beyond the space they exist in. Nagate, was raised underground by his grandfather so is a regular human being with no knowledge of what is beyond the surface, however, upon emerging it turns out that the technology he has underground is more advanced than above in terms of simulators. After his grandfather’s death he is found trying to steal rice and taken in, only to become a Guardian pilot. It’s a really great anime and you’ll be pleased to hear…it’s continued!

Season one aired: 11 April 2014– 27 June 2014
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 12 episodes
Age Rating: 15

The second season isn’t yet finished but when it is, I’ll watch and review it so it may come sooner than expected, I’ll try and schedule it in after this one (yes, most posts are scheduled)

~Shadow x


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