Tokyo Ghoul Review

Tokyo ghoul
Short Review:
What a magnificent anime. The start was slightly predictable but apart from that the plot was excellent and embraced the genres it worked with. It definitely got into your head, the fact you had to be both to accept both (ghouls and humans). The art works and animation were both extraordinary, not to mention the character backgrounds. It was wonderful, though I did feel as if there should have been more to the end, the cliffhanger sort of came out of nowhere but was good nonetheless. I enjoyed it, and recommend it, though I do fear the second season won’t meet expectations. We’ll see (:

Kaneki Ken is an introverted university freshmen. He consoles to his best friend, Hide, that he has a crush on the beautiful Rize, who turns out to the ‘gourmet’ ghoul of the area. After finally having the chance to talk, Rize chases Kaneki into a building site so she can eat him, basically. A beam falls down on them, but Kaneki loses his eye. Gaining her eye as transplant, Kaneki becomes a hybrid between ghoul and human. The first series is basically Kaneki trying to hide his ghoul half, stay away from enemies and try and get on with life. This…doesn’t happen. Yes, you have to watch both seasons and yes you just have to fangirl and wait for the hopeful third season too. WORTH IT.

Season one aired: 4 July 2014 – 19 September 2014
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 12 episodes
Age Rating: 15

Season 2 (Root A) has also ended, I’ll post the review as per chronological to what I’ve watched

~Shadow x


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