Attack on Titan Review

Attack on Titan
Short Review:
What can I say, I’ve been putting this one off virtually since it was released. I’d always just about manage to get to the end of the first episode and them fail to continue because of how annoyed I was at the stereotypical characters there were. The strong, the naïve and the smart. Nevertheless, I managed it and I found myself actually wanting more. Though the art style isn’t usually what I go for, it was well suited to the plot and setting. I’m surprised they carried out such a military formed anime, usually ones that start with a battle turn into one big boring battle with the same thing over and over. You’ll understand later, for all you new comers, “it’s all very very predictable”. You can see every move coming and one event in particular just delays the plot and is probably the least surprising twist of the century. Anyway! Over all, the animation was well executed, the plot was dragged out but fast paced, it just lacks emotional attachments. I found myself straying from characters instead of obsessing over them or crying over any of them which normally shows a good anime. I would recommend it, but it’s slightly overrated in my opinion, or maybe it was all the fans who put the ENTIRE PLOT all over tumblr.

Avoid reading or watching anything out on social media, it totally ruins your whole view ;P

So if you don’t already hate me, let me give you my current opinion. Again, the art style was well suited and the plot was okay but to me it was an over glorified battle. Yes, there was good flashbacks and some emotional investment but mainly to that stupid key. I will be watching the coming season(s) but only because of the terrible ending to the last one. I did enjoy the anime, but it is a little overrated for an anime that has the plot in the name. Two mentally scarred kids (of course we all know Eren) start training to help attack against the titans. Eren wants revenge for his mother’s death and goes out to join the Survey Corps. They slay a bunch of titans with a disappointing lack of graphic images despite it’s based on killing meter high monsters. It’s a pretty damn good anime, but can people PLEASE STOP PUTTING SPOILERS ONLINE. I get you’re all excited but it ruined the whole thing for me. Not to mention that the titans look like the people they are.

Look, a wild spoiler has appeared: EVERYONE DIES. Joke but all your beloved characters will 😀 Hint: if a character says I love you? It’s a general anime rule they’re going to die next. Have fun 😀

Season one aired: 6 April 2013 – 28 September 2013
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episodes
Length: 25 episodes
Age Rating: 15 (maybe 12?)

~Shadow x


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