Deadman Wonderland Review

Short Review:
Let me just start by saying I’m thoroughly disappointed in the ending being a cliffhanger when there’s no second season! Yet. I hope there will be.
Anyway, the animation was beautifully executed (no pun intended) and the art just magnificent. I enjoyed the plot and loved most of the characters though I thought I was going to have to punch someone half the time at most of the annoying, obnoxious, two faced enemies who just really messed with your head. The series seemed to go quickly but half of it was the finale, or so it felt like. I was also half disappointed with the fact there were only some comedy chibi style features in one episode, then there was no more. However, it didn’t seem like the sort of series to have any at all.The last episodes were absolutely heartbreaking. WARNING! Many many feels ahead! I’d definitely recommend this one unless you have a lot of pent up rage. Yeah…enjoy! Ps. If you love a bit of gore but not too much this ones for you!

When much of Japan is struck by a disastrous ‘natural anomaly’ and most of the mainland sinks. Ganta, an escapee is the main character of the story- 10 years on from the occurrence. As a high school student, he has no memory of the happenings and so he lives a normal life afterwards…until ‘Red Man’ appears at his school and slaughters his class. As a main suspect and no other leads, Ganta is sentenced to death via Deadman Wonderland- a theme park type prison.
Upon admittance, Ganta is forced to wear a high tech collar that slowly injects him with a lethal poison. To stop this, every three days Ganta must eat a piece of disgusting candy that can be earnt through participating in various activities. With the help of Shiro, a well known female ‘inmate’ who claims to know him, Ganta can live out his sentence to the prison. It’s an amazing anime but if you hate bad endings without continuation then you may want to consider reading the manga which wasn’t stopped.

Aired: 17 April 2011 – 3 July 2011
Runtime: 24 mins. approx per episode
Length: 13 episodes
Age Rating: 15 (Again, high ratings have been changed to 15 as per my opinion)

~Shadow x


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