Cat-Planet Cuties Review

cat planet cuties
Short Review:
Got this one down in a day! Gotta say, I didn’t realise this one would be so good, never judge an anime by it’s title hey 😉 anyway, definitely one for girls who need a good laugh or a little cry, good for… Perverts? Anyway! It was pretty good, not a dull moment with Catias around! Have to say, the last episode was the best! Anyone know when 13 comes out? I loved all of it, but the lovey bit at the end sort of annoyed me because I was chanting “GET ON WITH THE ACTION!” The characters were well designed and very pretty indeed, though the style was ‘normal’ it looked lovely still. I very much enjoyed this one, all of it! Recommended!

Also known as Asobi ni iku yo, the anime stars a teenage boy called Kio Kakazu who is visited by the adorable neko-look-alike alien, Eris. It turns out that Eris is on the run from the CIA. So, Kio lets her stay. Of course, any anime that has any type of pervert on it or any type of sex appeal ends up either having a beach/swim episode or one of the girls on heat. This anime has both. So Eris, with her adorable cat ears and tail, is distracted from her ambassador duties for half the season whilst she attempts to attract Kio. Did I mention that is becomes a giant Catian slumber party because of the Catians on Earth organisation? Yeah so a pervert gets to have a bunch of alien girls in his house just because the one who likes him is in danger of being captured. It’s an hilarious anime with surprising amounts of action and serious moments but I’d say this is definitely one for those who are fans of well, any kind of girl actually. This has been the strangest review I’ve ever written, can’t wait for Highschool of the dead! Go watch it!

Aired: 10 July 2010 – 25 September 2010
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 12 episodes
Age rating: 15


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