Amnesia Review

Short Review:
This one definitely made you feel as if you also had amnesia, trying to figure everything out. I have to say, most of it was quite slow and didn’t really ever pick up. The main character seemed as mute as they come and was never really a personality in particular until the final episodes and she finally picked herself up. Though it was a VERY DISAPPOINTING ending, I still loved it. Surprisingly. Though I wasn’t too attached to the show, I still cried at the end, I mean let’s face it you lose your favourite ships and everything you’ve seen might all be completely different to the final world it doesn’t show. I just hope to dear god that the OVA makes up for it. Overall, it was a very beautiful and moving anime. The final scenes were definitely something to remember and the psychological part really made it. The music was also beautiful, the constant remembering but not sure of where you remember it. I loved it, really. I’d recommend it, but be prepared 😉

Because the plot is extremely confusing at times, this may give away the important spoiled which is of course- she is travelling into different dimensions in order to find her actual lover. The act of moving between the dimensions is basically limbo, or so I think anyway. She- is whoever you want her to be. No name appears to be specified to my memory. She wakes up with a strange spirit like boy, Orion, in front of her who gives her hints to how to survive the world. She has numbers on her cellphone and a job in a cafe which she appears to be popular in, but refuses to admit she seems to have amnesia. It continues this way for a while, confusing. Eventually all is figured out and she goes back to the place in her real life where she was first endangered and has to set everything right. It is unclear whether or not she chooses to enter the real world at the end though. It’s actually really good and dear god I’m still hoping for a season two. Fun fact, it was initially released as a game for PSP!

Aired: 7 January 2013 – 25 March 2013
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode:
Length: 12 episodes
Age Rating: PG-13

~Shadow x


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