Baka to Test to Shanjankuu Review

Baka to Test
Short Review:
When I first heard about this I didn’t really expect to be into it, but then I found myself only taking a few hours straight to finish it. I have to say, the ending is a little disappointing but I guess that just makes for a better sequel right? The art was definitely different but I loved it! I love seeing new art styles and this one was definitely a good one. Not only was it scripted well but the different styles with emotion and the whole idea of such a high tech system is such a great combo! Definitely a light hearted laugh for those who need some cheering up, or just a few hours of laughing your arse off. Anyway, I loved it, just the right amount of adult and childish humour too! Recommended!

The story revolves around Akihisa, a student of Fumizuki Academy, Japan. The school is ranked, judging is based on tests. A- the best class get benefits that make them appear like the royalty of the school. Class F is completely different. It also revolves loosely around the love triangle Akihisa is involved in with his two female friends. The relationship between Akihisa and the girls is strange to say the least. In order to gain better equipment, classes declare war against each other. Within school grounds, they can summon an ‘Avatar’ that fights for them using the points gained on tests. This means class A avatars are extremely powerful. However, Akihisa has a weapon. Because he’s an incredibly ‘weak’ student and needs extra help, his avatar is somehow able to touch real objects but can also cause pain for Akihisa. When a battle is to take place, a teacher must be present to authorise it. The story follows the Class F students attempting to get better equipment, with hilarious results. The anime is great, especially to motivate revision and that isn’t a lie!

Season one aired: 7 January 2010 – 31 March 2010
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 13 episodes
Age rating: PG-13

Season 2 (Summon the Beasts) has also ended, I’ll post the review as per chronological to what I’ve watched

~Shadow x


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