Hitsugi no Chaika Review

Short Review:
Well that was interesting! I can’t say it’s the best anime I’ve ever watched but it was certainly good. The art was just…beautiful and the story line was interesting, twisted and clever. The end episode opened up many questions. The series starts of slow paced with an oncoming story, if you’re one for fast paced this probably isn’t the one for you. Nonetheless the adventure starts as soon as you hit play so don’t worry! As soon as I hit episode 8 I knew it’d be full speed ahead, which it was. It started to go at a rather irregular but capable pace, the end episodes payed off. Though slightly disappointed by the lack of story in the middle it stayed true to the story line. Though most predictions reined true. Good anime, watch it if you want something a little different and yet not too different. I liked it ;3 hurray!

The story follows Chaika, a young sorceress carrying a coffin, who encounters Toru in a forest, or rather he finds her. She appears to be lost so takes her to his village where they meet with Akari, Toru’s sister. They seem pretty desperate so Chaika employs them as her guardians almost, they follow a campaign to find some meaning in life. Basically, she wants to assemble the parts of her father’s body, the emperor, but doing so would give her great power which people are willing to risk their lives for and to stop her too. It kind of gets really confusing when it gets into the swing of things, if I remember correctly another, or many other, Chaika gets involved with her own ‘team’ as it were. Think of it like a huge, deathly game of capture the flag. So there it is, a great series summed up but I can’t say much more or I’d probably ruin everything. Hope you like!

Season one aired: 9 April 2014 – 25 June 2014
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 12 episodes
Age Rating: PG-13 (Maybe even 15 but it isn’t bad)

Season 2 (Avenging Battle) has also ended, I’ll post the review as per chronological to what I’ve watched

~Shadow x


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