Higashi no Eden Review

higashi no eden
Short Review:
Good thing this series has follow up films because that’s one ending that’ll play on your mind and disappoint you forever. I don’t wish to give spoilers be be alert for an ending that really does scream “the ending? This is only the beginning”. A great story, really, quite inspiring if I do say though myself. The style is simple, unique but still…amazing. Though I thought it was quite an innocent series at first, I was wrong. It’s crafty, murderous and chilling, and still keeps the right amount of romance and friendship. I liked it, though maybe not as much as others. Most animes I say I love, completely, this one makes me think. I loved it, but in a different way. To all of you who want something to watch on a rainy day this ones definitely that. So go watch it, I recommend it for those who like a puzzle ūüôā enjoy!

So it starts with Saki, a graduate¬†in New York¬†who suddenly finds herself in trouble. Akira, a naked man with no memories who appears in front of the white house with nothing but a gun and a cellphone, rescues her. Akira gains his name after finding a bunch of could-be-real passports in his apartment, choosing one at random. Akira finds¬†¬•8.2 billion in digital money on his phone. This is part of a game, or project. Each person is given¬†¬•10 billion and has to save Japan in some way or another. If the money is spent selfishly then they must be eliminated by the anonymous 12th contender. Before that series starts (three months before Saki’s trip) there are missile attacks called ‘Careless Monday’.¬†During the series, Akira¬†learns who was behind the Careless Monday missile attacks, what he has to do with the game, and why¬†his memories were erased. You might be a little freaked out but rest assured, it’s great!

Aired: 9¬†April 2009 ‚Äď 18¬†June 2009
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 11 episodes
Age Rating: 15 (Possibly?)

~Shadow x


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