Ao No Exorcist Review

blue exorcist
Short Review:
This anime was just…amazing. The animation and characters were just amazing, the ending just a beautiful sum up of blue flames and awesomeness. Not only was the plot funny, well planned and with many surprises and twists, it was also wholesome and well out together despite the different angles. I absolutely loved this one, definitely in the top. Though I was hoping for a kiss or reveal (; oh well. Stop listening to my bad wording and go watch this anime!

Rin and his brother Yukio were raised by their father, Shiro in the monastery of monks and exorcists. Their father, one of the most powerful. However, with a secret like theirs it’s inevitable they’d find out…they’re the sons of satan. Then there’s the whole explanation about the blade that keeps away Rin’s powers but unfortunately, he’s forced to live with his new features (tail, ears, fangs etc) and of course  forced to hide from any demons he may cross…apart from the fact they’re everywhere. Anyway, at a funeral he meets Mephisto, who agrees to let Rin join True Cross Academy and become a powerful exorcist! Basically, he wants to get back at his dad. He joins a secret course barely any people know about and then finds out that his brother is actually a veteran exorcist and is forced to be taught, along with new classmates, by his brother. The tale is hilarious, can get serious, and action packed. I honestly would put this one up in my top 5 probably- it’s amazing.

Aired: 17 April 2011 – 2 October 2011
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 25 episodes
Age Rating: PG-13

~Shadow x


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