Black Butler Review

Short Review:
Another long overdue review…Wow! Not only are the characters great in their individual ways and make you feel differently for each one, the plot is just marvellous. And I’m not saying that to sound British or because I am British. I loved it. Personally, I would recommend it for people newer to anime because it’s fast flowing, greatly historic and captivating. However, it’s one for everyone. In one word, it was horrifically…Beautiful. People may call me crazy, people may call this boring, but if religion and history were people in a home, it’s home would be here because by god does this anime make things awesome. This was your friendly guide to ethics and philosophy, over and out. Only kidding- GO WATCH THIS ANIME

(Going to try and do this from memory again…) So it starts off with Ciel, who’s made a pact with Sebastian, his demon butler because his parents were killed in a huge fire. Ciel now lives in the new version (I’d assume) of the Phantomhive manor. The thirteen year old boy had become the new head of the prestigious family and is cared for by Sebastian and his three ditsy but hilarious servants who all have disturbing yet delightfully surprising pasts. Ciels tale is fraught with strange events including the incredible tale of the Jack the Ripper case which was extremely well represented (and was my favourite history unit) and the actually terrifying representation of Queen Victoria’s death. Along with all the other supernatural, controversial and haunting events that occur in between and after. Towards the end the series becomes a little tired but of course that’s how Ciel becomes at his young age. Though a great ending, it didn’t exactly move me but it did shock me nonetheless. I have yet to watch the next seasons…

Season one aired: 3 October 2008 – 27 March 2009
Runtime: 24 mins approx. per episode
Length: 24 episodes
Age Rating: 15 (anything rated R that I have watched easily is now 15)

~Shadow x


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