This post is sooo overdue. By like 4 hours. Sorry. Anyways, so I’m in desperate need of help.


Crunchyroll- are the ads too much?
Are there any other legal, good anime streaming apps or sites because kissanime is just not letting me on before 9 because apparently hacking and that is okay for 18 year olds and then I read about gogoanime and its saying the same thing. Animefreak and animeflavour work but they’re pretty crap with adverts too and keep crashing on me. Funanimation just doesn’t seem worth it to be honest…

To be honest, I’m so angry I can’t get into any anime sites that I’m just gonna give you all a list of 10 films I enjoyed. Not necessarily my favourites and in alphabetical order 🙂

A letter to momo
Horarubi no mori e
Howls moving castle
Ghost in the shell
The girl that leapt through time
The wind rises
Welcome to the space show
Whisper of the heart
Wolf children

Sorry! I’ll be done with exams soon hopefully!
~Shadow x

Ps. I gave up on Neon Genesis Evangelion because I can’t watch episode after episode due to kissanime being blocked (even though it’s not parent control) so I’m just following Plastic Memories for now… -cri-


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