Sword Art Online Review

Short Review:
Call me corny but this ones an anime I hold dearest to my heart, I absolutely adore it. Possibly one of the best. Not only would I recommend it, I’d probably commemorate a day to it. If I could. A great plot and the ending episodes surprised me to say the least. Though I almost thought it would end half way it definitely did not, the action was packed but did not slow down the story line for the soul purpose of murderous entertainment. Loved it! I’d watch it a thousand times over. Not to mention it’s based in online relationships, friendships and exploration.

The story is based around the idea of an advanced headset that allows people to enter a fantasy world and basically connect it to their conscience without having to perform real actions. The game organisation appears to trap the players upon the release of ‘Sword Art Online’ by removing the logout option and implementing poison to the helmets that will kill the player if removed. Basically, they’re trapped. The beta testers of the game seem to be shunned, and Kirito (main male character) wants to help new, small campaigns. As power comes into play and the debates on beta testers increase, Kirito meets Asuna. At first they both seem to be lone wolves but as I’m sure you’ve all seen- they’re not. Anyway, they’re basically a starting section, a sort of pointless bunch of ‘relationship’ stuff which made it realistic but slowed down the game and then there’s the real life crossover. In my opinion, the Alfheim online could have been split off into a short second series and then they may have had more views on the first season but it’s honestly great either way. Just…if you’re really picky and you get upset about accidental incestuous crushes then don’t watch the second half. It’s literally nothing though and creates a strop fest. The anime itself is pretty damn good though, as I’ve said, but the concept was way better.

Season One aired: 7 July 2012 – 22 December 2012
Runtime: 24 min approx. per episode
Length: 25 episodes
Age Rating: PG-13 (I think? Some may say otherwise)

Season 2 (Gun Gale Online) has also ended, I’ll post the review as per chronological to what I’ve watched

~Shadow x


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