The Unseen Darkside of Anime


Here’s a list of all the bad things you will go through upon joining a fandom

1) Your life will be dedicated to the fandom
2) Homework hours are taken up with anime and fanfics
3) You will never hear the end of “you’re so lazy”
4) You will mercilessly slay opposing fandoms
5) You will constantly be on alert for OTP fan arts
6) People will try to prove you wrong
7) It might come true…what now?
8) Or they might die
10) Only kidding they might not but someone will
11) You will forever be surrounded by reminders
12) You will sacrifice your social life
13) Your friends? What friends?
14) Your friends are the fictional characters
15) Your life ends when the series does
16) You move on to another fandom
17) You repeat the cycle
18) You will also sacrifice all your social media
19) Sleep is not an option
20) You are stuck here forever


Welcome, to the anime experience where you will go through utter torment as your OTPs separate off and your favourite characters meet their doom. But don’t worry there are plenty of harmless fandoms such as Beyond the Boundary… Oops that’s kinda sad. My little monster? Oh yeah, constant battle between love and sanity. Well you can’t go wrong with Free! Apart from there isn’t any direct lovey contact it’s just really suggestive. Well whatever fandom you join, good luck! It’s a beautiful journey. You’ll meet people such as yourself, who are probably also part of video game fandoms and run a competing Tumblr blog full of your favourite anime characters. Oh and don’t worry there are plenty of others who ship the same people you do just…don’t search anything risky. Enjoy your stay 😀


~Shadow x


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