Wolf Children Review

wolf children

What is this you ask? Why a wild post has appeared! Because there will be the weekly post tomorrow and it’s the beginning of my site, I thought I might post today!

Short Review:
Where to start…okay well here’s something: HEARTBREAKING. Okay so maybe not so heart breaking. This definitely is inspiring to those who are “coming of age” as it is said, and to those trying to establish a sense of individuality. When I say this was an amazing movie, I mean it. I sort of wish they’d base brands and series and comics on it because it really does deserve it. Wow. Just…just go watch it. Recommended!

During her college years, Hana falls for the dashing werewolf who is soon to be the father of her daughter, Yuki, and later- a son, Ame. Soon after their son is born, the werewolf is killed. Hana is left alone with two, quickly developing, wolf children.Unfortunately, hiding the children (who rapidly change forms at random) is a difficult job, especially with prying neighbors next to the small flat/apartment. So, Hana moves them to the countryside so they can grow their own crops and eventually mix into the community when the children are more controlled and mature. Of course, when a wolf girl goes to school there’s bound to be an incident but inevitably makes friends with the victim/witness. Ame however decides to take lessons from an old fox and eventually takes a much different path. The ending is quite predictable but moving nonetheless. I hope you enjoy it!

Aired in Japan: 21 July 2012
Runtime: 117 mins approx.
Age Rating: PG or 12 (breastfeeding, injuries)

~Shadow x


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