Paprika Review


Short review:
I’m a huge fan of psychological studies and hope to one day become a psychologist myself so this proves fascinating for moi. Personally, the soundtrack was what made it for me. I loved every second of it, and not only was the animation good but it seemed to be almost in time with the music. Loved it! I’ve definitely not seen anything like this before, rather confusing at first but a must for all people who want something new, it does not disappoint!

So I guess it’s kind of confusing, sort of like Inception. It begins with a new device, still being tested, that allows therapists to enter patient’s dreams in order to correct them and help them/ understand their psychological struggles. Unfortunately, this valuable device is stolen- allowing unimaginable bonds between reality and dreams. Yes, it does get confusing. So basically the different dreams of patients and the mastermind behind the theft merge, swallowing the minds of those who are caught by the troublesome parade of ‘crazy’ dreams. The animation style is somewhat old and extremely colourful but in my opinion it was still amazing but if you’re epileptic you may consider looking at photos and judge if it will affect you? In my opinion, the concept may be somewhat disturbing but honestly? It isn’t bad. I guess this is a give away? If you’re disturbed by brief nudity and discomforting concepts, there is a scene in which a character ‘unzips’ Paprika. It’s not too bad. Also, the dual personality concept may be hard to grasp, but go with your first instincts, you’ll get it!

Released in Japan- November 2006
Runtime- 90 mins approx.
Age Rating: 15

~Shadow x


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